ArciTech Design Options

ArciTech Design Options

Lengthwise Railing - Rectangular

Internal Drawer

94mm side drawer

Lengthwise railing

Stable for weighted goods

Double Railing

Single railing

Designside - Clear Glass

250mm Side Profile

250 Topside drawer

Smooth and stylish

Lengthwise Railing - Round

Cutlery Drawer

Great for storing large heavy appliances

Internal Drawer Organisation

Lengthwise railing

218mm Topside drawer

Internal pot and pan drawer

There are many under sink options

Lengthwise railing - round

Glass Designside Drawer

Glass Designside Drawer

Pot & Pan Drawers

Double lengthwise railing

Design your kitchen your way

Double lengthwise railing - round

Story by: Trendsideas

10 Nov, 2015

Home kitchen bathroom commercial design

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