Architect spotlight: Frank Lloyd Wright

A master of 20th-century architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright is one of the most famous architects of all time

Frank Lloyd Wright and his famous Fallingwater home, water, gray
Frank Lloyd Wright and his famous Fallingwater

Of the few architects who have ever achieved household name status, Frank Lloyd Wright stands out. Over the course of his unorthodox and controversial career, this master of 20th-century architecture produced some of the most famous homes and commercial buildings of all time. If you need a refresher, just take a look at Fallingwater.He's also highly regarded for his views on the American way of living. While living and working in Chicago he developed the Prairie style home, a new approach to domestic architecture. This style, inspired by the North American Great Plains, can be seen in many of his homes.You could fill a book with Frank Lloyd Wright's career (and many have), but in this article, we'll take a look at some of the highlights.1. FallingwaterThe aforementioned Fallingwater is certainly the most famous of the Wright homes, having been designed for the Kauffman family in the 1930s. Nothing quite beats that waterfall integration.2. Allen-Lambe HouseThe last of the Prairie residences, this home notably features a Japanese aesthetic. Why? At the time he was working on this property, he was also developing the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo.3. Affleck HouseFrank Lloyd Wright designed this home as an example of low-cost housing for the average American. He made a number of design choices that while different at the time can now be found in innumerable homes. He chose to eliminate the attic to cut down on unusable space and merge the living, dining and kitchen areas.4. Arthur Heurtley HouseBuilt in 1902, many of the features pioneered in this home later found their way into some of the more famous Prairie-style homes.SourcesFrank Lloyd Wright FoundationFrank Lloyd Wright Trust

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08 Jun, 2017

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