Amongst the trees

Taking inspiration from surrounding woodlands, this garden house doubles as a holistic sanctuary with a sauna, bucket shower, and plunge pool

Designed by Black and Milk

From the designers:

Having successfully completed the first phase of this modern home in Hampstead, the owner approached Black and Milk to complete the second phase of the outdoor area. 

Sitting in the secluded garden, a unique garden house was designed that doubles as a holistic sanctuary and features a sauna, bucket shower, and plunge pool. 

Black and Milk worked closely with the architectural firm Cooke and Fawcett on this individual project, which earned a spot on the shortlist for the ‘Don’t Move, Improve! (Don’t Move, Improve! is a project run by independent forum New London Architecture or NLA.)

Taking inspiration from the surrounding woodlands, the holistic language of harmony and relaxation was distilled and applied to both the architectural and interior design. 

Black and Milk took a creative approach when designing the cabin's structure, as the location of the existing trees dictated the architecture of the house garden design, as they are a part of a conversation area. 

An irregular shaper was brought to life to allow the existing trees to sit gracefully around the garden home while contributing to the sensory effects of the cabin's interior design.

The overall spatial flow was configured to allow for the space to be multifunctional. 

While the garden home functions as both a guest house and a hidden retreat for the owner, many notable points within the modern cabin allow the user to feel at one with nature. 

An ample roof light was implemented within the design to wrap to the rear, providing a dramatic framed view of the woodlands and a sensory experience to the dining area. 

Honing in on the holistic approach of spa traditions, the glass allows the user to feel immersed within nature, offering a sanctuary for relaxation while sipping on herbal teas. 

Continuing with the holistic language, a traditional wood burner sits amongst the timber-finished interior. 

As you use the Banya Sauna during the colder winter months, the featured interior wall designs with wood create a snug, warm and relaxing environment. 

A pull-out double bed system by Clei has also been implemented within the design to accommodate bed space for guests.

Other notable areas within the garden house design include a bespoke shower that shares the same holistic approach as the roof light. 

A large glass panel has been introduced into the design amongst the vast woodlands to bring the outdoors indoors and to allow the user to feel encapsulated by the picturesque surroundings.

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Designed by: Black and Milk

Story by: Trendsideas

17 Mar, 2024

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