All that glitters is white and gold

To combat a lack of light and add an air of luxury, use of a unique mosaic adds an unexpected touch

Before this makeover by Jason Bonham of Bonham Interiors, the old bathroom had dark, oppressive tilework and a lack of natural light.

"Designed for the lady of the home, the brief was simply for the space to shine like a diamond. We took several approaches to this," says Bonham.

The walls, including the shower stall's internal walls and ceiling, are finished in a mosaic white gold tile, while the fixtures and fittings throughout are also surfaced in gold.

The tiny mosaics bounce light through the space, making the most of the room's limited natural lighting.

The white gold mosaic tiles, gold vanity handles and even gold-plated accessories all add to a sense of sheer luxury in this high-end bathroom. 

In keeping with the look, the Diamond Ring chandelier is made from raw-cut and faceted natural crystals.

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Story by: Trendsideas

05 Nov, 2018

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