Spring and the abundance of pollen in the air can flare up your asthma and allergies. But how can you lessen its effects? Daikin's state of the art air purifiers improve air quality year round

As we settle into another beautiful New Zealand spring and start to enjoy the warmer and sunnier days, some of us may also start to notice our allergies causing us trouble. Allergies can get worse in spring as tiny pollen particles are released into the air and are inhaled into our airways, causing sneezing, stuffy noses, itchy watery eyes and exacerbating existing sinus conditions. 

Luckily, here at Daikin our commitment to indoor air quality (or IAQ) means that we have developed a range of products that use our unique titanium apatite photocatalytic air purifying filter to clean the air significantly more effectively than traditional filters. Not only does the filter remove pollen, it can also trap pet hair, dust, pollutants, viruses and even deodorises your air by removing bacteria.

The filter is available in our Daikin air purifier and as an add on to most of our popular split system heat pumps and is endorsed as a Sensitive Choice by the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ. 

A quality Daikin heat pump could be the solution to your climate and air quality needs year-round, ensuring total comfort by cooling in summer and heating in winter. 

To learn more about Daikin, you can find your trusted local dealer by heading to www.daikin.co.nz

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Photography by: Daikin

11 Aug, 2017

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