Drop down table provides a natural link between a stylish kitchen and a terrace home's living and outdoor areas

By Dean Welsh Thinkdzine:

Design Brief 

This home was a complete rebuild of a terrace house. 

The back of the home was completely remodelled to make the kitchen be the central part of the connection between the formal living spaces and court yard.

It was important to have a more formal seating within the kitchen. 

The owner wanted the small appliances to be hidden but accessible. 

The styling brief was to be modern, but with warmth and texture.

And the use of natural materials was important. 

The owner loves to cook and entertain, so creating a luxury feel was important.

Design Statement

The kitchen space is designed for cooking and entertaining, and connects with the formal living space and court yard.

This allows the kitchen to be a more formal meal time area, while the drop down table top connects to the cooking zones and allows for interaction. 

Using wood veneer with a carved rebated handle detail keeps the door finish flat for a minimal look.

Using a natural wood veneer texture together with the natural honed dolomite stone creates a luxury design statement.

Story by: Trendsideas

Photography by: Urban Photography

15 May, 2020

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