A story in every surface

Style and respect for the environment are combined in countertops, tabletops and vanities made from Vetrazzo, a recycled glass surface material
A view of some vanities from vetrazzo. blue, water, white, blue, gray
A view of some vanities from vetrazzo.

Concern for the environment, and wanting chic, distinctive products in your home need not be mutually exclusive concepts.

Vetrazzo is crafted from 100% recycled glass mixed with cement, additives and pigments, for use as countertops, vanities and tabletops. Glass sources include beverage bottles from curbside recycling, industrial scrap from window and door manufacturers, production overruns from stained glass manufacturers and even unusual sources such as traffic light lenses. Once Vetrazzo is made into panels and installed, the homeowner is given information about the source of the glass.

A view of some vanities from vetrazzo. bathroom, countertop, floor, glass, home, interior design, room, sink, tile, wall
A view of some vanities from vetrazzo.

Vetrazzo is available in bold and neutral tones, and in a variety of mixes with glass pieces that range from small to large, depending on the desired effect. President James Sheppard says where large pieces are used, you can see half an inch or more into the surface, creating tops with luster and depth.

"The variations in color and the way the glass pieces are distributed mean each panel is unique you can be sure no one else has a Vetrazzo panel exactly like yours," he says.

A view of some vanities from vetrazzo. beer bottle, bottle, drinkware, glass bottle, liqueur, product, product design, tableware, wine bottle, white
A view of some vanities from vetrazzo.

For further information, contact Vetrazzo, phone (510) 234 5550. Email: info@vetrazzo.com. Website: www.vetrazzo.com.

Dec 02, 2007
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