A passion for design and detail is seen in every kitchen by talented designer Lara Farmilo

Working as a kitchen designer at Poggenpohl, Lara Farmilo creates kitchens that offer the latest technologies, and top quality surfaces and features

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Working with elegant surroundings but limited space, designer Lara Farmilo created this crisp, high-functioning Poggenpohl kitchen.

Designer Lara Farmilo has over 14 years experience orange
Designer Lara Farmilo has over 14 years experience in designing Poggenpohl kitchens

Ever since her school days, Lara Farmilo knew she had a passion for art and design.

"Early on, I decided the best way to carry this forward into the real world was through interior design so I undertook and completed a two year design diploma."

From there Farmilo went on directly to work for Poggenpohl in Parnell, Auckland.

"The company was a perfect fit for me all round. I love the international flavour of Poggenpohl kitchens and that they reflect the latest and best options available from technology to finishes to flexibility.

"I've been designing there for over 14 years now and over that time have seen kitchens transformed from a secondary space to being the centre of attention."

On working with her clients, Farmilo says while she enjoys fulfilling the needs of those with a specific vision, she loves being given a blank canvas to work from as well.

"One of the best things about this job is surprising our clients with something far better than they could have imagined," she says. "For example, I recently undertook a complete revamp of a kitchen that we had designed 14 years ago. The owners say they are thrilled with the end result."

For more details, contact Lara Farmilo at Poggenpohl, 10/77 The Strand, Parnell, Auckland, phone (09) 307 1577, or email: lara@poggenpohl.co.nz

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