7 top tips for outdoor rooms

Make your outdoor room the envy of your neighbours – here’s our handy list of tips
Story by: David Renwick
The sheltered outdoor room is ideal for entertaining estate, floor, home, house, property, real estate, window, white
The sheltered outdoor room is ideal for entertaining on less than stellar days. It also connects to the living room.

Outdoor rooms have become a must-have for new homeowners and renovators alike. With the right furniture, shelter and fittings, you can create a relaxing outdoor space perfect for long, hot summer nights.

Here are seven ways you can create an outdoor space that’ll make your neighbours positively envious.

1. Add fire

Want to make your outdoor room attractive year-round? Add a source of fire. You can never go wrong with a fire pit, but consider also a more traditional brick fireplace structure or even something with more utility, like a pizza oven.

Fire also draws the eye, giving your outdoor room a strong focal point, and illuminates the area at night.

2. Cooking outdoors

What outdoor room would be complete without a BBQ? This staple, like a fireplace or fire pit, is one of the best additions to these spaces – whether you go with a traditional charcoal BBQ or something more modern.

3. Get creative with seating


Here's your list of outdoor tips. computer wallpaper, font, graphics, grass, green, logo, product design, text, green
Here's your list of outdoor tips.

Flexible seating is the best way to go when you’re fitting out an outdoor room. A dining table is of course a staple, but consider also couch-style seats, stools, benches and even kid-friendly options.

The result is a room that feels much more inviting and informal.

4. Install shelter

There’s no shortage of options here, but our favourites tend to be impromptu walls and even ceilings you can erect for protection from the sun, wind and rain. You can use solar sails to create more permanent fixtures which also have the side effect of looking fantastic.

For something more permanent, consider louvre systems. These are a great way to open up the room to the elements, or seal it when the weather takes a turn.

5. Make it functional

As well as being a space to relax and unwind on the weekend, your outdoor room can also be something that’s functional. This means adding storage beneath bench seats, a spot to store firewood, and even a rack to hang small garden implements.

6. Focus on colour

Don’t rely solely on the garden for colour. It’s a good idea to liven up your outdoor room with coloured furniture and even outdoor art. If you want to follow our first tip and add a fireplace or pizza oven, you may want to cover the installation in coloured tiles.

7. Make indoor/outdoor flow a priority

Yes, we’re talking about outdoor rooms, but don’t forget the home connection. Renovating or building an outdoor room is an opportunity to assess the indoor/outdoor flow. It may be time to install folding or sliding glass doors, or perhaps a bar-style area off the kitchen to make catering easier.

Get ready for the warmer season

If you’re planning a home project, see what’s new in Trends Home, Kitchen and Bathroom. We’ve put together handy advice articles, projects with inspiring photos and much more. You can access these areas using the navigation bar at the top of the page.

We’ve also put together this list of affordable DIY outdoor projects to try at home.

Dec 06, 2017






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