6 ways to bring colour into your neutral interior palette

Have you joined the minimalist movement, only to find that your home has lost its personality? A pop of colour could be the quick fix you’re looking for!

If you've fallen in love with the simplicity of the Minimalist Decor style, you aren't alone.

The sleek lines, empty surfaces, and simple content have a way of bringing some peace to the mind and heart. 

The lack of clutter does us good in this era of convenience and disorder.

The only downside to the minimal style is that it can be a challenge to make it your own. 

How can you leave your personal stamp on a streamlined style? Well, you can choose unique pieces that you love. But for some, that is not enough.

If you are close to abandoning your hopes for a minimalist style home decor because it "just isn't you," check out these six ways to bring some colour into your neutral palette, in a way that won't overpower the beautiful minimalist style.

1. Pillows & cushions

Loving the bare walls and floors, but still wishing you could toss in something to reflect your taste? 

Throw pillows are an easy way to inject some life into an otherwise neutral room. 

You can opt for a muted pastel, or a bold primary colour, whichever tickles your fancy! 

But again, try to keep to one colour in each room.

2. Wall hangings

You’ve mastered the minimal look with white linens, you’ve removed excess furniture, but your bedroom is just missing that special something. 

Bring in a pop of colour with a framed print. Or, if you’re handy, buy a canvas and paint your own. 

Just be sure to stick to one colour scheme per room.

3. Decorative Pieces 

Minimalist Decor prioritises empty space, so if something does take up room, it's because it is either functional or beautiful to you. 

Consider choosing beautiful things that are bright and colourful! 

Find one or two decorative pieces you love that are also in a colour that you love. 

Whether you choose a beautiful yellow vase or a teal knick-knack, it will certainly add some personality to your room.

4. Practical Pieces 

If you have a practical item that takes up space, and it comes in a colour you like, grab it! 

For instance, the family fridge – it's a necessary item that needs to be at hand – but if it is, in a bright colour like vivid red, it becomes a focal point in the room. Same goes for your couch. In a neutral setting, a boldly coloured couch can be a simple way to add interest to your space.

5. Gold or Silver

Metals are great, shiny ways to infuse some character into a room. 

Consider adding a wall hanging with gold, or a table with silver legs. It will not overpower the minimalist tone, and it will add just enough character to showcase your personality.

6. Plants

If you are a minimalist in the purest form, and want to stick to whites neutrals and naturals, this is for you. 

Bringing in a green plant can go a long way to liven up an otherwise very bare room.

Place a small one in the window, on top of a cabinet, or go with an indoor tree in the corner. 

If you just want a small detail, you can always choose a small succulent. Very minimal! Or go the other way, as in this bathroom design.


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19 Jul, 2020

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