6 things to keep in mind when choosing new kitchen appliances

To help you fit out your kitchen with the right appliances, we’ve put together a list of six things to keep in mind
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To help you fit out your kitchen with the right appliances, we’ve put together a list of six things to keep in mind

Appliances are the backbone of any kitchen. A reliable oven cooks, a good dishwasher cleans and an energy-efficient fridge keeps your power bill low. What’s more, if you buy right the first time, chances are you won’t need to replace them for some time.To help you fit out your kitchen with the right appliances, we’ve put together a list of six things to keep in mind.Stick with neutral coloursDon’t be a slave to passing fads – pick timeless, neutral colours. They’re often less expensive and it’s easier to find a replacement down the line. You also don’t want a suite of purple appliances sitting around for 20 years.Get serious with stainless steelIf you feel like you need your appliances to stand out, stainless steel is a solid option. The finish is stylish as well as water and rust resistant. It’s also a good option if you’re planning to sell your home as it adds value.Consider energy efficient alternativesIf you can, opt for appliances with higher energy star ratings. The system is quite straightforward: Products have a star rating of 1 - 6. The higher the number of stars, the more efficient the appliance. Savings with these appliances may be small in the short term, but over time they can add up.Avoid clutterYes, fancy smoothie blenders and capsule coffee machines are all the rage right now – but don’t get sucked into the trap of buying them while you’re renovating. They can easily blow your budget out of proportion and you’ll likely end up getting by without them anyway.Keep it simpleThis next one is an extension of what we said about clutter. When shopping around for appliances, be sure to keep a steady hand on your wallet. Fridges with ice dispensers and screens are just one example of an unnecessary appliance, being expensive to operate and a pain to repair. Besides, what’s so wrong with ice trays? Shop aroundAvoid purchasing everything from one retailer. By shopping around, you’re far more likely to find the best prices. It also doesn’t hurt to haggle a little, as stores will mark up prices so they can bring them down when asked.Kitchen renovations can be stressful, so take a look at some of our other articles if you’re still feeling a little lost.


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