5 ideas for bathroom basins

Whether you're fitting out the bathrooms and powder rooms for a new home, or for a renovation, the vanity basin is an opportunity for a stand out feature, or a harmonising element – or both!

This isn’t a guide for picking a bathroom basin, but more a showcase of what you can do – with a little inspiration, of course.

Break the mould

Don't be afraid to move away from the traditional shapes when selecting a basin for your bathroom. There’s a near-limitless selection when it comes to contemporary basin designs.

Bowl-like basins that sit atop your bathroom counter create a bold statement, especially if they’re finished in a unique colour or material. You could also install a basin that runs the length of your counter (like this example from Plumbing World), allowing for more sink ‘work space’.

Some designers choose not to have a ‘basin’ at all, but instead a piece of metal, ceramic or glass which angles down toward a drain.

Natural stone is an excellent way of giving black and white, flooring, monochrome, tile, wall, gray
Natural stone is an excellent way of giving your bathroom a more grounded look

Go natural

Have you ever considered natural stone for a basin? There’s nothing quite like it, both in terms of durability and just how good the material looks. What’s more, natural stone basins instantly draw the eye, creating a strong focal point.

Robertson Bathware offer one of these, the Zen basin. It’s marble, meaning there are a number of texture and finish options available, as well as colours and shades. You can also get the Zen basin in a variety of metal finishes.

The Zen Basin from Robertson bowl, ceramic, dishware, pottery, tableware, brown, black
The Zen Basin from Robertson

Pick a unique colour

If you don’t want to make the leap to a metal or stone basin, but you’re still after something that looks unique, consider a ceramic basin finished in black. A black basin may not be appropriate for every bathroom – especially if you’ve already got a number of dark elements – but it’s another way to make a bold statement.

Heirloom have a number of matt black countertop basins available, which you can see here.

Going darker can create a bold statement architecture, ceiling, floor, interior design, wall, gray, black
Going darker can create a bold statement

Consider glass

If stone and black ceramic basins don’t take your fancy, glass could be what you’re looking for. They’re certainly a bold statement piece for your bathroom, although they lack the durability of stone and metal. Note that glass basins are also most commonly available in countertop configurations.

Complement your basin

With a basin in mind, now’s the time to pick an equally eye-catching tap to sit alongside it. Browse through our Basins & Taps category (see below) to get an idea of suitable pairings for your bathroom.

These sculptural countertop basins lift the entire bathroom bathroom, bathroom accessory, bathroom sink, home, interior design, plumbing fixture, room, sink, tap, window, white
These sculptural countertop basins lift the entire bathroom See more here

Story by: David Renwick

06 Aug, 2018

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