Want a glimpse of where you'll be living in the years to come? Check out these homes

Here's a collection of 5 futuristic homes advertising, brand, daytime, energy, font, line, product, product design, property, real estate, sky, text, white
Here's a collection of 5 futuristic homes

Back in the 1960s, popular opinion held that we'd all be living in skyscrapers and zipping around in flying cars in the year 2000. While that reality obviously didn't pan out, it hasn't stopped architects from imagining weird and wonderful homes that we may live in yet.We've put together 5 futuristic homes for you to take a look at.1. The WaterNest 100It sounds like a fancy vacuum cleaner, but this home is actually a tech-lovers ideal abode. In addition to being able to float on water, it uses solar power. Plug it into your electric car (or boat) and you'll be set for energy. Oh, and it's also constructed from recycled materials.See more2. The Shell HouseInstead of large skyscrapers and sprawling residential developments, how about a home that takes you back to nature? The idea behind the Shell House was harmony with nature. It also helps that this home looks seriously cool.See more3. A home beneath the wavesYes, it's a pretty scary thought, but a home beneath the waves is actually a great idea. The obvious benefit is the easy access to the ocean for a spot of fishing or a refreshing dip, but it's also possible to access tidal power. Furthermore, you won't have to worry about sea level changes!See more4. CoodoStrange name aside, this concept for a new kind of mobile home could catch on. This module-style house can be transported anywhere the owner sees fit (permits permitting, of course). You'd probably need to hire a crane and truck, however.See more5. EcocapsuleLooking like a spaceship that's just landed, this tiny home generates power and captures water. Even though it's seriously small, the home is still big enough to comfortably handle two adults. Would you live in a home this compact?See more

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14 Jun, 2017

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