5 DIY storage tips for your house

Whether you live in an inner-city townhouse or a countryside cottage, storage space is often something that’s top-of-mind
Story by: David Renwick
Time to bust out the toolbox bookcase, furniture, shelf, shelving, black, gray
Time to bust out the toolbox

Are you running out of room at home? Instead of cramming yet more clothing into your wardrobe and more pots under the sink, consider smarter storage.

Here’s what you can try.

PVC pipe shoe rack

Cut large sections of PVC pipe into 40cm lengths and stack these in the garage. Voila – instant shoe storage. The benefit of this approach is that you can stack these pipes as high as you need. Can you think of any other uses for this type of storage?

Storage on wheels


Photo by Roman Mager on Unsplash bookcase, furniture, shelf, shelving, black, gray
Photo by Roman Mager on Unsplash

By placing drawers on wheels underneath the beds in your home, you’ll essentially have another dresser in every room – double dressers if you have double or queen beds. You can use this space for clothing, shoes, books or anything else you can think of.

This one is great for kids rooms. Need more space to store their toys or clothes?

Use magnetic strips for miscellaneous bathroom paraphernalia

Hair pins, tweezers and nail clippers – the three things most likely to go missing in any home. Place a magnetic strip somewhere in your bathroom and never struggle to find them again! This strip idea also works in the office (for paperclips, scissors and more) and in the kitchen (for knives and other implements).

Sliding kitchen cupboards

Photo by Roman Mager on Unsplash bookcase, furniture, shelf, shelving, black, gray
Photo by Roman Mager on Unsplash

Forget inefficient pantries with shelves, the future lies with sliding cupboards. You gain significantly more space and it’s much easier to retrieve things. If you’re interested in reading about one such storage system, see Blum’s system here.

Store root vegetables in drawers

Instead of having to store your potatoes and onions in a box or container at the bottom of the pantry, consider donating a drawer to the cause. By adding storage bins to a drawer, you’ll have easy access to your vegetables and they’ll be kept further away from the floor.

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We’ve also put together these considerations for kids bedrooms you may want to consider.

Nov 27, 2017






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