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The colour and grain of light oak adds warmth and natural texture to the complex stark white island and cooking zone in this major renovation of a large family home.

In a home for a growing family with small children, this kitchen makes safety around the cooking areas a key element, while also allowing the family to gather naturally and ea...

A meticulously crafted large central island made completely of marble gives this kitchen the organic and natural feel that the owners wanted.

With classic styling and thoughtful ergonomics, this traditional kitchen sits perfectly in a fully renovated home. The cabinetry's grand scale, plus the open shelving, add a feeling of lightness.

The dramatic angles of this island tie in with the exterior of the house, and were carefully calculated so that the island still allows comfortable seating.

With three boys in the family, this modern country style kitchen needed to be low maintenance as well as being practical and looking good.

Colours and materials used in the kitchen of this new home compliment the concrete exterior and provide a consistent feel throughout the home.

Clever design solutions mean that this is a kitchen that can have most of its functionality hidden from view when required – even the appliances.

With its curved design, the fridge cabinet is just one of the impressive examples of craftsmanship in this family kitchen.

This large functional family kitchen in an addition to a pre-1900s two-storey villa presents a bespoke and modern minimalist look and feel that's in tune with the overall house aesthetic.

Careful attention to book-matching the strong veining of marble across the bar, the face of the island and the splashback gives a luxurious feel to this entertainer's kitchen.

Moving the kitchen from one side of the house to the other, as part of a major renovation, provided a large uncluttered space for entertaining, casual seating and extra storage.

Colours and materials in this large farmhouse kitchen tie in with the home's rural setting. Its large service area and extended scullery provide the space needed for multiple functions.

This major transformation of a dated kitchen greatly improved the workflow and ergonomics while creating an ideal environment for entertaining.

This functional, uncluttered kitchen stays true to the home's striking modern architecture. Its island is detailed like a piece of furniture, linking the kitchen and home's living zones.

Designed for a new home built in the traditional style of the neighbourhood, this modern and efficient kitchen also has a 'secret' door to the scullery and wine cellar.

Converting a small, cramped galley kitchen into a larger more spacious configuration means the owners can now comfortably entertain guests at home.

In the challenging conversion of a CBD office into an apartment with a New York loft feel, the staff lunchroom has become a modern, industrial-styled kitchen at the heart of the reconfigured space.

Having plenty of space for a kitchen has its own challenges – here the abundant space has been filled attractively and effectively so as not to create a large empty void.

Visually appealing from all angles and extensively detailed, this kitchen is a sculptural element that forms a centrepiece in the architecturally designed home.

The owners wanted a classically modern kitchen at the heart of a new holiday home, with an island large enough for five people – all in a deceptively small space.

This traditional kitchen has two separate, but connected zones – a semi-concealed area where the bulk of meals are prepared and a fully functioning kitchen acting more as an entertaining hub.

Designed for owners who frequently entertain large groups, this bold, dark kitchen was given an industrial aesthetic to create a moody yet elegant space.

Calm and uncluttered, this kitchen in a home enjoying stunning ocean views is full of warm muted tones with accents of natural stones and timber grains.

The owners were used to a large kitchen in their previous home, and wanted to downsize in their new one – but without sacrificing on functionality, detail, design and quality.

A cinder block wall separating the kitchen and scullery, together with black steel shelving and framing give this kitchen an industrial look that highlights the rawness of the home's architecture.

A generous island can accommodate seating on three sides, making it the perfect place for social gatherings with easy access to the bar, outdoor BBQ areas and t...

With fond memories of his grandmother's cooking in her small Hong Kong apartment, the owner wanted his new kitchen to pay homage to his cultural heritage whilst meeting his practical needs o...

Beige Onyx natural stone features on three sides of the island in this modestly sized kitchen, while built-in neon lights give the whole island even more visual impact in the evening.

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25 Apr, 2021

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