New development reveals lost heritage

The redevelopment of the Hyatt Regency Sydney has revitalised Sydney’s western fringe, connecting the CBD to Darling Harbour whilst restoring and revealing lost heritage

161 Sussex St – Cox Architecture apartment, boat, deck, interior design, luxury yacht, penthouse apartment, real estate, yacht, brown
161 Sussex St – Cox Architecture

Architect: Cox Architecture

About the project: The development of the Hyatt Regency Sydney into Australia’s largest hotel continues a Cox Architecture tradition of doing more with less.

The key sustainable initiatives include:

  • Development not taking not taking place on green or brownfield sites
  • The new public space to Slip St, the heritage interpretation of our shared history and the mixed-use nature of the development ensures social sustainability
  • Utilising and refurbishing existing structures reduce the embodied carbon of the project
  • One of Australia’s first closed cavity façade installations that allows the western facade to embrace the views, whilst balancing the projects sustainability agenda with function room functionality (e.g. room blackout)
  • A detailed reiterative process of pairing back sun shading on the tower façade ensured every piece of tower façade was passively effective
  • Efficient folded plate steel roof design reduced embodied carbon.

Story by: Trends

05 Oct, 2017

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