The house is built, the hard landscaping nailed down. Now it’s time to pimp your patio/backyard/al fresco setting in an affordable yet eye-catching style

Maybe you’re not using your outdoor spaces so much right now? But spring and summer are waiting around the corner. Prepare during winter and reap the benefits when the temperatures rise again

Here are ten easy tips to inspire

Paint it black

There’s nothing like drama and one way to achieve this is painting a wall in your backyard/outdoor space jet black and add sconces that both light up the wall and what’s at the base of it. If your wall is textured, all the better. This textured black wall waterfall is another perhaps trickier option.

KISS (keep it simple, silly)

Minimalism is still de rigour in many modern homes and there’s no reason not to extend this pared-back design philosophy outdoors. An easy to achieve shortcut is simplifying your al fresco colour palette – wood, wicker and white keep this outdoor space warm, light and inviting.

Climb the walls

Is there anything more attractive than roses trailing through a traditional or contemporary trellis. Inexpensive trellises are available from your local garden centre – or if you’re feeling the DIY vibe, you can create your own custom trellis. Buying semi-mature climbers will start you more quickly on your way.

Nasturtiums, sweet pea, rambling roses and Clematis paniculata are some options, but there are many.

Double your options

Mirrors are the magic interior expander and the same principle applies out in the sunshine. Hanging a mirror doubles your sense of space, doubles the impact of your flower display. And let’s not forget that mirrors in lifts leave riders oblivious to the slowness of the journey. Your guests may not mind a chance to self regard amongst your idyllic setting. Here a textured wall and feature mirror work together.

Just add water

In a desert country, water fountains are a symbol of wealth. Adding a water feature/fountain to your outdoor space may take some organising but the outcome is pure gold, adding movement and sound to your already alluring visual design. And it doesn’t have to be the Trevi Fountain in Rome. A simple design can still evoke enjoyment and relaxation.

The right tiles add rustic charm

There’s nothing like an artisanal country air to greet you when you step outside. The right tiles are a short cut to adding rustic charm, texture and colour. This tiled patio element has already stood the test of time.

Get fired up!

Fires aren’t just for winter, they’re for visual enjoyment year round. Whether it’s a dedicated outdoor gas fire or a humble fire pit, dancing flames are a mini special effect in their own right. And of course they are a focal point and source of light – and heat, even summer evenings can benefit from the natural warmth and charm of flickering flames.

Twisting by the pool

No need to trundle the old Wilson speakers outside to enjoy an al fresco party. Today’s portable speakers are a modern miracle – small, loud, reverb free, and relatively inexpensive. Maybe position these so the neighbours aren’t in the firing line. And if your guest trips while making acoustic adjustments, well, many options are waterproof too.

Project your enthusiasm

As with portable speaker, so with portable projectors. Projectors? you say. Well the old clumsy if endearing machines are replaced by compact devices not unlike speakers themselves. Hang a sheet and let the good times roll – from holiday snaps to Die Hard, this inclusion will bring novelty and entertainment, particularly after the sun disappears. 

Light my way

As with mirrors, lighting is the instant mood enhancer and this goes as much for outdoors as your interiors.

Solar powered lights are a great option but if you want the twinkling of lights at dusk or pre dusk then solar options are limiting as sensors set them to only come on when the sun goes down. Simple, inexpensive but hugely atmospheric, accent lighting is a great mood maker.

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23 May, 2021

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