10 steps to a perfect private spa

Today, the private spa is dependent not just on a rainfall shower, a sauna or premium furnishings but on soft factors like ambience, warmth and sensuous surroundings, too. Here are ten ways to make a splash

Imagination is key to creating an exceptional spa
Imagination is key to creating an exceptional spa bathroom environment.

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A growing number of people with plans to build or renovate their home are dreaming of a private spa-like bathroom that can do more. A place where they can truly switch off and relax. 

As a result, the planning and implementation of a private spa are among the most stable segments of the building services and fittings business and one of the most important areas of expertise for interior designers and bathroom planners. No matter the project, your imagination is a key driving component.

The following factors are key to the success of a holistically planned private spa:

01. High design quality: the colour and materials concept

To ensure high design quality, a private spa should stick to a consistent colour and materials concept that’s coordinated with the walls, flooring and sanitaryware.

That sounds easier than it is, because no two shades of “white” are the same, and it really is essential to ensure all the colours and materials harmonise – even under varying light conditions.

The colour concept of a private spa should be surprising, supportive of users’ early-morning routines and suitable for transforming the bathroom into a feel-good space in the evening. Collages of the colours and materials are a useful tool for visualising the concept and helping clients to picture their new bathroom.

02. Away from the wall: occupy the space

The physics of transporting water can’t be overturned – which is why, as a vertical structure, the wall seems like the logical place for the necessary installations.

However, an increasing number of water-carrying products can be detached from the wall and integrated into an open-plan room concept. Especially in new builds, this means the architect is free to reimagine the private spa with all-round access, open layouts, alternative sightlines and bright spaces thanks to the feasibility of bigger windows.

03. Quality time in a quality space: (more) room for interaction and movement

Today the lifestyle people are cultivating in their living rooms, gardens and kitchens is being transferred to the bathroom too. As the quality of the space increases, so does the amount of time spent using it.

The private spa is no longer just a room that’s locked when the toilet is in use, it’s a room where partners and families can spend time together, too.

Open spaces provide room for more interaction and shared activities. Expanding the bathroom to include a comfy seat for reading for example is a possibility. Increasing the floor space to accommodate such an addition is a must.

04. Well-organised – tidiness is wellness for the eyes

A bathroom that gets a lot of use bears little resemblance to the pictures of perfection found in glossy magazines. But there’s no doubt that an uncluttered bathroom plays an important part in creating a pleasant overall impression in a private spa.

A storage concept, built-in shelving and bathroom furniture with large, well-organised drawers and tall cabinets help hide bits and pieces out of sight.

In return, consoles, display cabinets or alcoves can serve as a stage for showing off select bathroom utensils or decorative items to perfection. The result is an authentic but neat and tidy interior that doesn’t look sterile or impersonal.

05. The blue element – water as the connecting thread

The enveloping steam of a hot bath, the sound of running water from a basin tap or the pattering of a rainhead shower: water is an element that conveys emotions and is a crucial component in defining the character of a private spa.

Responding to this, bathroom manufacturers are helping stage water in a fittingly emotional way with numerous taps, shower panels, rainheads, massage jets, hydrotherapy applications, freestanding tubs and walk-in shower surfaces that evoke natural water scenery.

06. Storytelling: the bathroom as an individual space to be experienced

The process of planning or re-planning a bathroom with private spa aspirations is shaped not only by a design concept based on formal and aesthetic considerations but by a narrative idea as well.

This might mean incorporating a theme that the homeowner has a personal connection with, taking the architecture of the house into account or factoring in the special location of the bathroom (e.g. in direct proximity to the garden).

Is the owner a nature lover who opts for a sustainable lifestyle? Does colour play an important role for the owner, or is he or she a technophile? The bathroom planner determines the homeowner’s personal interests and bathroom rituals so as to tell an individual spa story.

07. Cosiness – a homely feel and warmth

Few other design trends have had such a major impact on the bathroom over the past 10 years as the trend towards a home-like ambience: warm materials like wood or textiles, furniture, carpets or even decorative wall coverings and flooring are key components for designing a snug private spa.

Because the humidity in the bathroom is subject to extreme changes, the designer can also turn to imitations and water-resistant materials.

08. Professional lighting design – emotion and function

When it comes to setting the stage for a private spa, lighting is probably the most important component of all.

A professional lighting design is a must for creating the conditions needed to create personal ‘moments’ in the private spa.

At the same time, the interaction between natural light over the course of the day and artificial lighting plays an important role.

In order for the private spa to serve its purpose as a retreat that’s a pleasure to spend time in, it’s essential to ensure that the lighting harmonises with the bathroom architecture  and any accentuated objects, such as an illuminated back panel in the shower or an indirectly lit bathtub.

09. Special extras: innovative bathroom products create added value

The bathroom has been impacted by enormous technical progress in the last 10 years: planning and installation have been simplified by digital tools and innovative mounting systems that open up new design options.

New technical approaches that can be used in combination with pre-wall installations permit new design solutions, such as innovative shower drains, storage options, recesses or mountings for walk-in showers.

10. Enhancement with personalised touches

It doesn’t take much to enhance your newly completed bathroom. Colour-coordinated decorative items, cosy accessories or elements with a connection to the client add the perfect finishing touches to this private space.

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07 Mar, 2021

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