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Master & Slave LED Lighting Systems from DOMUS Line™

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DOMUS Line™ master and slave LED spotlight systems for cabinetry include not just an integrated TLD touch switch on the master unit, but also dimmer and night light features.

The Kayak, Kite, Skate and Smarty styles are enormously practical in terms of uniform illumination of work surfaces and also stylishly attractive.


Domus Line Kite Master & Slave LED Spotlights
Made in Italy to comply with Australian/New Zealand standards
Integrated TouchLED switch on master unit with on/off, dimmer and night light features
Use Kite Master unit with Kite Slave unit to create master & slave system, or use as stand alone unit with dimmer switch
24 high performance LEDs for total of 1.6W
TLD Master dimmer maximum load 30W
One Kite Master unit installed with 30W LED driver can control up to 16 Kite slave fittings, providing your power supply has sufficient capacity
12 Volt
2m cable with MiniPlug connectors
15W LED driver will run up to 8 x Kite lights
30W LED driver with run up to 16 x Kite lights
192 lumens
120 lm/W
Surface installation with innovative sliding bracket system
Rear compartment hides MiniPlug Connectors so unit is ideal for installing after cabinets are fitted
Projection angle provides uniform illumination of work surface
'Auto-on' feature ensures lights turn on at previously set level; ideal for collections of lights eg in showrooms

For more information, please visit DOMUS MASTER & SLAVE SYSTEMS

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