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Long Lasting Stainless Steel for Superbly Organised Drawers

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Is your kitchen drawer a no man's land of bits and bobs that have nowhere else to live? Are your cutlery drawers a jumble?

Impala Inoxa Stainless Steel Organisers provide a contemporary looking and immensely practical system for keeping your kitchen, and other, drawers neat and tidy, making it so much easier to work efficiently.

With options to suit cabinets from 450mm to 1000mm wide, and moveable cross-dividers, the Impala Inoxa Stainless Steel system is completely modular. You select and arrange the trays to suit your individual needs, customizing your layout, and retaining the ability to change.

Individual components are available so you can add to or alter your layout at any time.

Trays can be easily removed for cleaning or to carry utensils to the table or BBQ, making them ideal for entertainers.


Inoxa Stainless Steel Cutlery Organisers
High quality and functional stainless steel drawer divider system
Suits a wide range of drawers
Easily removed for cleaning or carrying to table or BBQ
Completely modular; arrange to suit your unique requirements
Cross dividers may be adjusted or removed
64mm high
Available to suit drawer depths (front to back) of 450mm, 500mm and 550mm.
Available to suit drawer widths of 450mm to 1000mm

For more information, please visit INOXA STAINLESS STEEL DRAWER ORGANISERS.

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