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Intelligent solutions that bring design, style, space, efficiency and organisation.
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Kitchen storage hacks

Lack of space can make your kitchen feel cluttered and messy. Not to worry, we have some storage hacks to make your kitchen a lot roomier

Get the skeletons out of your closet
Spring has sprung and it’s the perfect time to get your home in order. Here are some helpful closet clearing tips that will help along the way.
Up & Over Lift System - AVENTOS HS

AVENTOS HS is the ideal solution for single panel lifts, swinging up and over the wall cabinet. Like all other AVENTOS, the HS is easy to assemble and has an award-winning design.For more information, please see AVENTOS HS - Up & Over Lift System. See more

Italian design for your wardrobe

Quality Italian designed and made wardrobe storage systems and wardrobe fittings from Ambos, established since 1977 and supplier to more than 40 countries worldwide. A comprehensive range of wardrobe lifts, clothing racks and hangers, accessory storage fittings, shelf brackets and wardrobe rods.

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Salice Wind Overhead Door Lift: Compact and Elegant

Salice's Wind is an elegant, unobtrusive overhead lift system for flap doors with a smooth, controlled soft close movement and a compact design that maximises storage area.

Suits kitchens, bathrooms, living room, offices and more

Paired kits for medium (up to approx 14.5kg) and heavy (up to approx 18.4kg) doors

For very heavy doors use more than 2 lifts

For wide doors, a third (single) lift is available to supplement, preventing door bowing

2 colour options; Classic White & Satin Metal Black

Salice Eclipse Pocket Door: Access to Work Spaces Without Bulky Open Doors

Salice’s Eclipse Pocket Door mechanism attaches to cabinet or cupboard doors and allows the door to pivot 90° to slide back to sit within a double cabinet wall.

Pocket Doors are brilliant for when you have limited space. Ideal for when you have a work surface or work area housed within a cabinet or cupboard and would like for the doors to be out of the way so that traffic in surrounding areas is not compromised - for example for kitchen pantries, kitchen work or appliance areas, a laundry spacer within a bathroom or kitchen or even to contain a pull out desk/office area.

Contemporary Planero from Vauth-Sagel: Kitchen Storage with Brilliant Functionality & Stunning Looks

Planero combines durable German design, optimal storage and simple installation. Planero features shelves with long-lasting, powder coated flat steel in stylish lava gray. Technical components are minimally visible, for stunning aesthetics.

Key Vauth Sagel units are available in the brand new, very contemporary Planero style; VS TAL Larder pull out pantry, VS COR Fold and Cornerstone MAXX units for blind corners, VS SUB Side and VS SUB Slim under bench pull out units.

Latest storage Videos

Häfele Storage

Clever uses for innovative Häfele products

DYNAMIC SPACE: Maximise storage space in your kitchen

You can never have enough storage space! It's easy to make the best use of the space you have available and even create new storage space! This video contains valuable storage space tips. 

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Fit offers a range of intelligent solutions that bring design, style, space, efficiency and organisation to the inside of kitchen cabinets.