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The colours you choose for your home are an expression of who you are. Here's all the inspiration, ideas and information you need to get started.
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Resene has everything you need for your decorating project, from quality colour and paints to decorating accessories and professional advice.
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Ideas and inspiration

2018 Spring Interior Design Trends Part 4: Moody colour palette

Part 4 of our 2018 Spring Interior Design Trends. A moody colour palette will make your home striking and dramatic. Time to embrace the dark side

Give your home office some personality

Whether it’s the hub for a 40-hour working week for your business, a sometimes satellite office to keep you up to date, or a space to pay household bills and organise the family, a home office should offer a comfortable, practical space to get things done. So when it comes to design, creating an environment that ensures productivity is key.

2018 Spring Interior Design Trends – Part 1: Neutral colour palette

Part 1 of our 2018 Spring Interior Design Trends series. A good way to refresh your home is by applying a new colour palette – starting with a new take on an old favourite – neutrals. A neutral palette ensures your home decor is soft and inviting

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Painting a ceiling with Resene SpaceCote Flat

SpaceCote Flat

Staining Weatherboards with Resene Woodsman

Learn how to stain weatherboards with Resene Woodmsan. Resene Woodsman is available in a waterborne and solventborne version and results to date show that Resene Waterborne Woodsman has better durability than its more traditional solventborne variant. It is also available in a greater range of colours and is the product used in the Resene Woodsman testpots. You can find a full project sheet at:

Relax Wallpaper Is Easy Episode 1

Episode 1 Relax, Wallpaper is Easy: All you need to know to successfully put wallpaper up in your home.

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