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2018 Spring Interior Design Trends – Part 5: Fringe

Part 5 of our 2018 Spring Interior Design Trends. No longer restricted to the runway, fringe is popping up everywhere and can add a bespoke feel to your home

How to create perfect lighting zones in your kitchen

Ever wondered how to elevate your kitchen from merely great to a true showstopper? Here's how to create the ultimate kitchen lighting

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Your guide to outdoor lighting

Find all you need to know about lighting the outside of your home in our comprehensive guide

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Atom from DOMUS LINE™: 24Vdc LED Spotlight with Wide Projections

DOMUS LINE™ ATOM features SMD LEDs (no visible dots!) and an innovative new optic for a neutral, uniform appearance even when the light is off. It has a quick and easy fixing system on two lateral steel springs so no tools required for installation.

Designed for recessed installation, ATOM may also be surface installed with the addition of spacers, which are available in straight sided or 20° angled models; perfect for directing light to a task area.

ATOM is available in Chrome Plated or Satin Nickel finish, with Natural White or Warm White light colour.

X-Sign from DOMUS LINE™: Stunningly Different LED Feature Light

DOMUS LINE™ X-Sign and X-Sign 4F are stunningly different, patented LED feature lights.

Designed for surface installation, X-Sign and X-Sign 4F are quick and easy to install. X-Sign is 90° angled so perfect for use under cabinets and shelves, while X-Sign 4F is flat for use on walls and ceilings.

Master and slave units are available to allow for multiple light installations.

Equipped with a special EDGE LED cluster, X-Sign and X-Sign 4F provide a wide projection beam, giving homogenous lighting with a no-dot effect.

ATOM is available in a Natural White light colour.

Innovative Flexible Linear Strip LED Lighting

DOMUS LINE™ presents Flexyled; a highly innovative product in LED flexible linear strip lighting.Flexyled CR is a range of straight line and 90° corner modules with a quick plug system; no soldering equipment required! Highly resistant double sided adhesive backing strip provides fast and simple installation without tools.

Thanks to an innovative clip system, Flexyled CH connects various LED strip lengths together quickly and easily without the use of soldering or tools. The connecting clip allows a strip to be constructed in almost any configuration up to 6m long.

SE H4 is a new 12Vdc side emitting LED strip that has been developed for very simply 'press-in' installation to a 10mmx4mm recessed groove; no tools or tape required. It is super flexible and ideal for tight bends or for creative light designs.

Colour changing sequences have never been easier than with DOMUS LINE™ RGB LED flexible linear and 90° corner modules. Quick and easy to install thanks to high quality 3M self-adhesive backing tape and interconnecting cables. Perfect for surface and embedded installation with cabinets and toekicks and with DOMUS LINE™ aluminium lighting profiles.

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Meet Hue – Light Beyond Illumination
Hue is a personal wireless lighting system designed to give the user the best lighting experience, turning every home into a smart home. It unites the user’s needs and wants into one system and can be controlled from any device at any location.

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