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Wool or synthetic? Concrete or tile? Learn how to choose the right flooring and find inspiring designs.
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Tile and Laminates
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Vacuum tips to get your carpet cleaner

The state of your carpet can affect your resale value as well as people’s perceptions of your home. Frequently cleaning helps to prolong the life of your carpet, as there are less rough particles around to cut into the carpet fibres.

Entertainer kitchen's glamorous looks are achieved with hardwearing surfaces

Porcelain panels with the look of marble and a laminate with the look of wood create an upmarket, natural aesthetic for this kitchen with large walk-in pantry See more

Kerlite: Strong, sustainable and a breeze to install

Looking to renovate your space but worried about the mess, labour costs, and inconvenience? Strong, sustainable and a breeze to install, Kerlite is an interior designer’s new best friend. Now there’s a modern tiling surface that’s easy to cut, handle and install with minimum hassle. Made in Italy, this quality porcelain product is totally sustainable and comes in 3.5mm and 5.5mm thickness, with fibreglass reinforcing, making it even stronger and easier to install. See more

Steam cleaning tips to refresh your carpet

If ordinary vacuuming isn't quite cutting it, it might be time for a steam cleaning. Here are some steaming hot tips to help you refresh your carpet


2018 Spring Interior Design Trends – Part 2: Terrazzo

Part 2 of our 2018 Spring Interior Design Trends. Terrazzo's making a comeback, and with so many different options it's not hard to see why

Tiles or timber? What design is best for my space?

It doesn't need to be expensive to have a tile or an oak floor if you go for synthetic. Trento collection offers limitless possibilities. See the range See more

Underfloor heating: Something to consider

Far from being just a way to heat up a cold bathroom, underfloor heating can warm your whole home more efficiently than other systems

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Why Cork Flooring? | Candice Olson
Candice Olson from "Divine Design" explains why she loves cork flooring.