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Home Trends Vol. 35/4
Real estate agents often say the kitchen is one of the major factors that sways potential buyers of a home. But these days, it's just as likely that the home's bathrooms will also influence a sale. So...


Family planning

If you’re designing a home for a young family, you’ll need to consider how it will work best for both you and your children. But architect Clinton Cole says don't just think about your current set-up – you should plan for the kids still living at home for the next couple of decades. See more

Light menu?

We're often searching for additional light sources, but what if your kitchen space is already awash with light? This kitchen design offers an interesting solution. See more


Home Trends Vol. 35/2

One of the best ways for you to start creating the bathroom – home or kitchen – you've always wanted is to look through recently completed projects by top designers and architects. To help you with that, we’ve collected some of the latest design and product ideas in this issue of Trends.

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