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Home Trends Vol. 35/3


Among the willows

Which came first, the garden or the home? Well the home, but not before the established willows – great pains were taken to protect what are essentially features of the property. See more

Bathed in nature

This ensuite is on a corner of the home, so capturing the 90° views onto the land created focus and direction for the light-filled room. See more


Home Trends Vol. 35/2

One of the best ways for you to start creating the bathroom – home or kitchen – you've always wanted is to look through recently completed projects by top designers and architects. To help you with that, we’ve collected some of the latest design and product ideas in this issue of Trends.

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Home Trends Vol. 35/1

We talk a lot about kitchens today being at the heart of a home – a focal point where everyone can gather and be part of all the activity going on there. And that means most kitchens are open-plan. But when you open up your kitchen to adjacent areas, you need to consider how its style, materials and finishes work across those wider interiors.

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