Contemporary bathroom design with Verde slate stone, concrete tub and concrete vanity units

Master suite remodel by Ridolfi Architecture features contemporary bathroom design with slate stone walls, back-to-back concrete vanity units Read more

CIMB headquarters in KL offers a grand atrium, templated workspaces and colourful wayfinders

Major ASEAN bank headquarters optimises staff connections and space efficiency Read more

Future-proofed office in green gateway building with curved glass facade

Ricoh office building renovation and extension by Warren and Mahoney Architects with new central staircase, sustainable design initiatives Read more

Carbon nanotube-enriched concrete can be future of construction industry, says Greg Solomon of Eden Energy

Carbon nanotube-enriched concrete applications and benefits, as reported by Eden Energy executive chairman Greg Solomon Read more

Dr Donna Wheatley, Warren and Mahoney on collaborative hubs and activity-based working

Activity-based workplace transforming workplace design says leading workplace researcher, with collaborative hubs and quiet spaces imperative. Read more

Loft-style office space with geometric design, sculptural furniture, activity-based working

Arup satellite office in downtown LA by Zago Architecture designed for activity-based work, with a variety of desks, seating, collaborative hubs, sustainable design Read more

Greenhouse to foster eco-friendly farming at the Institute of Environmental Sustainability, Loyola University Chicago

An integrated dormitory, academic facility and giant urban garden at the Institute of Environmental Sustainability, Loyola University Chicago Read more

The Sustainable Buildings Research Centre at the University of Wollongong is net zero energy, water and carbon

Photovoltaic arrays, rainwater harvesting, natural ventilation, ground source heat pumps and optimal orientation qualify this building for 6 Green Stars and the Livi... Read more

Building by architect Frank Gehry with undulating brick facade, angular glass shards

UTS Business School, Sydney has uncoventional new building by architect Frank Gehry that addresses modern high-rises and heritage architecture Read more

Singapore Sports Hub stadium, aquatic centre , plazas, retail mall, offices, sports museum

Singapore Sports Hub landmark stadium, arenas and aquatic centre, facilities to encourage sport participation, leisure pools, retail, offices Read more





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