Bathing and birdsong

This bathroom responds to its idyllic harbour view Read more

Personal space

This bathroom forms part of an old-world style extension Read more

Formal approach

This design by Bubbles Bathrooms visually maximises available space Read more

Escape from reality luxury master suite

Hollywood-style suite by Elements ID Consultants Read more

Thirties nostalgia glamour for remodelled bathroom

Refurbished bathtub and tiles from Government House give new bathroom old history Read more

Single source One stop bathroom shopping at My Bathroom & Tile Centre

One stop bathroom shopping at My Bathroom & Tile Centre Read more

Carved in stone

A stone vessel basin sits on a custom-designed stone vanity in this intimate powder room Read more

On a pedestal elevated bathtub takes centre stage

Large master suite by designer Sue Gillbanks Read more

Quiet meditation by David Howell

this Mexican courtyard house, with its contemporary architecture, is a tranquil refuge for family and friends Read more

Don't mess with me

Ensure your bathroom surfaces look their best with Hideaway Bins Read more






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