These stylish freestanding ovens also give you advanced technologies

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Smeg's Classic, Victoria and Portofino electric ovens offer the latest technology, including ceramic insulation, Cool Door design and pyrolytic cleaning

These stylish freestanding ovens also give you advanced technologies


Kitchens are designed to meet a wide variety of tastes, and similarly the appliances in them. But whatever the look, you'll also want labour-saving efficiency and top-quality performance.

While Smeg's Italian-made freestanding Classic, Victoria and new Portofino ovens each have their own highly individual aesthetic, they all include the very latest cooking technologies.

For example, a Smeg oven's Thermoseal oven cavity is protected by 20mm-thick ceramic insulation, shrouded in reflective foil sheet, for a perfectly controlled cooking environment.

In addition, Smeg's Cool Doors are always cool and safe, thanks to a 22-blade tangential fan which circulates cold air outside the oven cavity and up through the glass door panels.

Together with its special EverClean enamel surfaces, Smeg offers toil-free pyrolytic cleaning on all high-end models. With this process, the oven heats to 500°C, carbonising any grease and food residue which is then easily wiped away.


Different cooking styles are also optimised by Smeg's attention to the very latest technology. Smeg's gas cooktop, for example, boasts a double control dual flame burner where the two parts can be used independently – the inner ring for slow cooking, the outer for fast cooking.

Smeg has embraced the advanced induction cooking style, too. Here the cooking surface is only heated from contact with the vessel – for a precise, energy-efficient, safe cooking method.

Available in most styles in sizes from 60cm to 150cm wide, Smeg electric cookers are a popular choice for renovations and new home builds.

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