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Light and water

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Sunlight sparkling on the waves provided inspiration for this seaside galley kitchen

Light and water


Long narrow kitchens, even those with a sea view, demand careful planning to make them work. It helped that the owners of this kitchen, Neil and Robyn Adams, knew what they were looking for.

"We wanted a space that was easy to cook in, and a clean modern look that wouldn't date," says Neil Adams. They also wanted a design that would complement the drama of the ocean site.

Keen for professional advice, they chose kitchen designer Nicola Cumming to design their kitchen. She explained the pros and cons of proposed options. That way, she says, they could understand each decision leading to the finished kitchen.

Starting with the basics, Cumming re-oriented the sink and benchtops towards the sea and positioned the pantry away from the views. To create contrast between the parallel benchtops, she specified one thin benchtop with negative detailing underneath. Opposite, the benchtop is thicker, and large recessed pot drawers sit underneath the cantilevered cabinets.

Blue textured glass splashbacks sit above the benchtops, which have tiny pieces of mirrored glass embedded in them. During the day, the mirrors sparkle like the sunlight striking the waves outside. At night, says Neil Adams, light from the glass pieces shimmers on the ceiling.


"Nicola was extremely professional and efficient," he says. "We now have a kitchen that's absolutely stunning."

For details, contact Nicola Cumming, phone (09) 537 4888, fax (09) 537 4868. Email or .

First published date: 23 February 2007