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From the double glazing to the tight seals, this joinery ticks all the boxes for energy efficiency

Green choice


Aesthetics are not the only factor to consider when choosing the joinery for your new home. Today, energy efficiency, ease of operation, durability and security are equally important.

Double-glazed timber joinery from Heirloom Joinery covers all these points, says director Sam Burges.

"Our focus is on manufacturing a good-looking, high-quality product, with no compromises. Heirloom Joinery's IV68 system was designed to take double glazing and has a deep, 68mm-thick sash and frame profile. This allows for double-glazed units up to 24mm thick, which provide maximum thermal benefit."

Burges says additional insulation is provided by the high-end integrated silicone-rubber seals, which ensure the joinery is completely waterproof and free from draughts. What's more, the doors and windows feature multiple, integrated locking points, so security is not an issue.

"The joinery incorporates German turn-tilt hardware from Roto, which allows windows to tilt inwards for ventilation, or to operate as a side-hung window," says Burges. "We also manufacture easy-glide bifolds and sliding doors. Single sliding sashes can be up to 3.2m wide and 2.7m high, providing unrestricted views."


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First published date: 13 July 2010