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Optimum chilling efficiency and clean-lined good looks are two reasons to introduce a Vintec wine cabinet and beverage centre to your home

Good taste


Whether you are a wine connoisseur or simply like the occasional chilled beer, all beverages should leave your kitchen ready to be enjoyed at their best. A dedicated wine storage cabinet and beverage centre ensure your drinks are always served in the best possible condition.

Vintec's chic 40SGESS wine storage cabinet shows off your favourite wines from behind sleek, stainless steel trim double-glazed doors. This is a far cry from when a crisscrossed bottle rack was the design pinnacle of wine storage and display.

The unit's long-term cellaring features, such as re-cycled humidity, anti-vibration design, and a 5-18ºC temperature range, are matched by clean looks that make the wine storage unit an attractive interior feature.

Vintec's 40BVC stainless steel trim beverage centre is designed to complement the wine storage unit. The beverage centre has a temperature range from 2-10ºC and has wire storage racking – both being optimum to the storage of beer and soft drinks.

Both Vintec appliances are designed to tuck into the same space taken by the average under-counter dishwasher. They can also be set into the living area side of your island or peninsula, providing speedy access to your favourite chardonnay or lager without having to walk to the cellar or even enter the kitchen.


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First published date: 06 November 2007