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Artificial intelligence is hard-wired into this apartment building in Dubai


What exactly, you may ask, is Cybertecture? Architecture for androids? A more logical explanation in these technologically evolutionary times, is a form of design that is hot wired for a new style of living. Cybertecture therefore, is a 21st-century approach to designing and building, with the ultimate goal being the enhancement of human experiences through space and technology.

James Law Cybertecture seems to be fascinated with answering the question of how we'll live in the future. In Dubai, those with a futuristic bent will no doubt be shacked up in a pad at The Pad.

This much-awarded project from Omniyat Properties, a company managing projects with a combined value of approximately US$3 billion, is due for completion in 2010. With its docked iPod-esque exterior, complete with tilt, the structure certainly seems to be a physical manifestation of technology.

Here's a rundown of some of the integrated features. Each residence will be connected to a central server, with music, movies and even art available on demand. For those aspiring to a healthier life, each bathroom includes technology for checking your weight, blood pressure and temperature, which can be stored and tracked. Each apartment's lighting and audio systems can be extensively customised. For instance, incoming calls can be indicated by altered lighting. Virtual reality is also on the cards with a system called iReality. This ‘visual reality projection system' links your pad in real time to different locations around the world. Bored of the view of Dubai Creek? Then link the view from your apartment to the view of the New York skyline. Outside your own rooms, you can expect some nifty features at the building's club: entertainment options include underwater music in the building's pool; ultrasonic deck chairs; a media Jacuzzi; as well as more physical facilities: a running track, gym and lap pool.


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Project The Pad, Dubai
Architect James Law Cybertecture International Image courtesy of Omniyat

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