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Clearing the air

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For a kitchen that's free from smoke, cooking vapours and odours consider hi-tech cooker hoods from Fujihome

Clearing the air


Hygiene is an important factor in the kitchen, requiring work surfaces to be kept clean and germ free. But what about the ceilings and walls that aren't so easy to reach or wipe down? One solution is to introduce a cooker hood that deals with air-born cooking grime and smoke before it has a chance to settle.

Advantage Resources offers a range of contemporary cooker hoods from hi-tech Japanese manufacturer Fujihome, says managing director Andy Goh.

"The Fujioh Oil Tech Cooker Hoods have revolutionary in-built rectifier panels that capture fumes from all directions, not only rising vapours," says Goh. "As a result, these hoods are more than twice as efficient as conventional designs."

The range includes the new 800 MK2 hood, the Fit 900V and the chimney design F99V. All three hoods offer a powerful 88% fume absorption rating. The 800 MK2 is designed for heavy-duty, oily cooking environments.

"All hoods in the Fujioh range are driven by powerful Sirocco fans which have a whisper-quiet operation and energy-saving settings," says Goh.


Captured oils and fats are collected in an oil catch tray to avoid any build-up of grease. The hoods' silicon-coated filters are easy to detach and maintain.

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First published date: 21 February 2005