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Appetite for color

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It has been said that color stimulates the eye and speaks directly to the soul, in which case these kitchens featuring Silestone natural quartz surfaces must all have interesting tales to tell

Appetite for color


Changing the color of your walls may be an easy way to change the look of your kitchen, but introducing color through your countertops can provide a much more dramatic interior.

Silestone natural quartz surfaces by Cosentino are available in more than 70 colors, ranging from the whitest white to the brightest primary palette. Marketing director Lorenzo Marquez says the company has ensured there is a Silestone color to suit every design.

"The palette is virtually limitless," he says. "It includes designer tones, which incorporate sparkling mirror chips, as well as more understated colors."

Marquez says current trends point to whites, grays, neutrals and colors from nature being in hot demand.

"Silestone colors such as White Zeus, Grey Expo and the shades in the Life Series match these hues. Textural and patterned surfaces that make a strong visual statement are also sought after."


Marquez also attributes the popularity of Silestone natural quartz surfaces to the inherently tough composition.

"Quartz is one of the hardest minerals. It is scratch, scorch and stain resistant, and doesn't need to be sealed. Silestone countertops also have the advantage of flexibility – they can be cut to any shape."

For information, contact Cosentino NA, 13124 Trinity Dr, Stafford, TX 77477, phone tollfree (800) 291 1311. .

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