Wuhan Sales Centre embodies the culture and atmosphere of the surrounding city

Step into this new sales centre and you'll find many water-related design influences
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Slats run around this elevator and along the architecture, ceiling, facade, interior design, lobby, brown, orange
Slats run around this elevator and along the ceiling

Designer: Shenzhen Rongor Design & Consultant CoPhotographer: Jing Xu-FengAbout the project: Welcome to the new Wuhan Sales Center. According to the design team at Shenzhen Rongor Design & Consultant Co, the aim was to reflect the culture and atmosphere of the city of Wuhan.After visiting the East Lake while it was raining and seeing the ripples on the water, the design team decided to carry this sense into the building. The team noted that Wuhan is a city of lakes, rivers and ponds."Water has not only been a part of the development and prosperity of Wuhan, but also nurtured its history and humanity for thousands of years. So we aimed to create a natural space with water as the theme," the design team explained.Important to the design team was trying to capture the sense of the motion of water. They managed to incorporate this by using wood slats, and shaping them along the ceilings and walls. Look closer, and you'll see more water-related elements. There's the ceiling light arrangements, the sculpture running along the length of the lobby and various murals.


Sep 07, 2017





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