Work of art ThinkGlass kitchen countertops

Distinctive, highly colorful and practical work surfaces by ThinkGlass can transform a kitchen environment

Shimmering glass countertops from ThinkGlass can completely change countertop, floor, flooring, hardwood, interior design, room, swimming pool, table, tile, wood flooring, gray
Shimmering glass countertops from ThinkGlass can completely change the look and feel of your kitchen. Because glass is non porous there are no tiny crevices to harbour bacteria, mild or mildew. The durable thermofused counters combine an eye catching feature with a practical low maintenance work surface.

Countertops are one of the largest surface areas in a kitchen bring these to life and the decor instantly rises to the next level.

ThinkGlass creates one-of-a-kind glass countertops that are both translucent works of art and eye-catching, low-maintenance work surfaces, says studio co-founder and president Bertrand Charest.

"We fuse each counter as a single piece of glass, so there are never any flaws. One of the most impressive aspects of these pieces is their mass. Refinements in technology allow us to make countertops that are four to six inches thick. In addition, the appearance of the glass can be enhanced with embedded textures, edge treatments or artistic treatments by our in-house glass artist and co-founder Michel Mailhot."

Custom glass countertop by ThinkGlass countertop, floor, furniture, swimming pool, table, white
Custom glass countertop by ThinkGlass

Besides creating a talking point, countertops by ThinkGlass provide other design advantages. For example, the transparency of glass enhances light flow and sightlines, factors that can make a modest space seem more spacious.

"These gorgeous tops are multi-functional. They can be used as a second prep space, a casual dining table or, with integrated LED lights, even as an illuminated cocktail bar."

The counters are made from 100% recyclable glass this is an increasingly important factor with the growing focus on sustainability.

The addition of textures, colours or surface edging table, white
The addition of textures, colours or surface edging can make a countertop even more personal to the individual homeowner.HERO

Privacy panels, stair treads, or cabinet sides are also created by ThinkGlass, which has grown from a room into a 30,000sq ft studio.

To contact the ThinkGlass studio, phone US or Canada tollfree 001 877 410 GLASS. Email: info@thinkglass.com. Web: www.thinkglass.com.

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03 Mar, 2014

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