SHORTLISTED - Grotto Sauna, Sans Souci, Canada

Perched on a rocky island, the Grotto Sauna is a sculpted space, a sensual experience, and a sophisticated exercise in building science. Read more

SHORTLISTED - Autobahn Church Siegerland, Germany

From the outside, a stylised white silhouette of a traditional village church. From the inside, the inner dome opens up to the naturally lit area around the altar, illuminated only from above through two church spires. Read more

SHORTLISTED - Nanjing Wanjing Garden Chapel, China

This wood and steel structured chapel has gentle exterior shape as well as strong interior space infused with mysterious religious power. The outer shell, composed of delicate wooden strips, serves as a filter of the view outside, implyi... Read more

SHORTLISTED - Naturum Kosterhavet, Sweden

Great care has been taken to ensure that this building fits in with the small-scale, coastal buildings of the fishing village of Ekenäs. With its smooth Falun red timber-panelled façade, the building picks up on the purposeful, clean lines of the ... Read more

SUPREME WINNER - Believe in Better Building, London

The UK's tallest timber commercial building succeeds in demonstrating the use of precision engineered modern timber construction systems to achieve a unique workplace in half the normal time-frame. Read more

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