Undertile Heating

Undertile Heating

Undertile heating is an economical way of heating the whole room. Warmup brings you a new dimension in affordable, luxurious, effective heating which is simple to operate and maintenance free.Undertile heating is the best type of flooring to use for heating as tile and stone have high thermal conductivity, meaning that the heat from an underfloor heating wire transfers to the floor surface quickly, warming the floor surface where you require it. Combining correct control with the correct installation gives you a cost-effective heating system, with no more cold spots or chilly drafts. Maximum effectiveness can be achieved when used with insulation boards, they not only act as an excellent waterproofing agent, but reduce footfall noise and echoes in your larger tiled areas.Undertile heating is easily installed in both new and existing homes, whether it be a single bathroom or a total floor area. Installation is usually done just before tiling, causing minimum disruption to your building or renovating schedule.

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12 Jun, 2018

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