TIDA NZ 2017 – Designer powder room winner – Bespoke Kitchens on Khyber

The TIDA NZ 2017 Designer powder room winner

From designer Joanne Godding: 

The client wanted a guest powder room that sat well with the era of the house and had a luxurious scrumptious feel to it.

The room is rather small, but had a fantastic ceiling height. It also had very little natural light.

Instead of walking in and seeing the toilet and shower, we built a central wall to hide these behind.

This central wall separates the functional aspects of the room from the more glamorous side.

The central wall is tiled with a combination of white and black gloss subway tiles.

These tiles also run through into the shower room and behind the toilet.

Chandelier and patterned wallpaper in powder room designed ceiling, chandelier, decor, light, light fixture, lighting, wall, black, brown
Chandelier and patterned wallpaper in powder room designed by Joanne Godding of Bespoke Ktichens on Khyber

The tiles to the central wall provide a simplistic backdrop to a glamorous freestanding vanity. The vanity reads more as a piece of furniture than a typical vanity.

The vanity is black lacquer with a white porcelain scalloped bench top.

An existing vintage mirror was reused. The colour and detail add another layer of detail and glamour.

Hand-painted panels surround the lower portion of the walls. This detailing was carried on from the surrounding hallway and lobby. This keeps the powder room detailing in line with the era of the house.

A solid dado rail adds depth and character to the room.

Above the panels, a dramatic and bold wallpaper is used. The wallpaper has a dark background, with metallic patterns running through it.

Bespoke Kitchens on Khyber bathroom, ceiling, floor, flooring, home, interior design, laminate flooring, room, tile, wall, wood flooring, black, gray
Bespoke Kitchens on Khyber

The striking wallpaper really plays with the height and scale of the ceiling.

The existing chandelier was reused, adding another touch of glamour and drama.

The plaster ceiling rose, scotia and ceiling were painted a reflective pewter metallic colour.

This works well with the exaggerated ceiling height, and adds a sense of glamour and drama.

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28 Jul, 2017

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