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The TIDA Australia 2017 Architect-designed bathroom winner

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Client briefThe client brief for the East Malvern project was for a full sized bathroom/ensuite big enough to accommodate both clients at once during busy mornings. It needed to include a large shower, stone bath and double basins – the couple didn’t want to compromise on space when sharing the bathroom and circulation space was important. Storage was to be a key element in order to maintain a sharp, clean look. They wanted the ensuite to be enduring with classic materials to be used as they also sought a low maintenance bathroom.Design StatementIn order to meet the client brief, our interiors team sought to create the perfect floor plan. This meant a large shower with both wall and ceiling roses to create a luxurious open feel. An extensive wall of under counter drawers were included and additional storage was hidden behind the mirrors for smaller items. The design team included finger pulls for both above and below counter storage to ensure a modern look. The precise mitred edge of the ceramic tile on the face of the drawers created a seamless join to achieve the sleek profile the clients aspired to. A marble design ceramic tile was used as the large format tile reduced joins and grout lines and therefore maintenance of the fully tiled room created a dramatic style with little up keep. The introduction of matte black tapware contrasted the veins in the marble tile. The inclusion of the hanging pendant light gives the room a deluxe design. Natural light was also an important inclusion we incorporated two floor to ceiling windows to ensure morning and afternoon light floods the room.

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14 Aug, 2017

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