These glass homes will influence your next renovation

If you're thinking about changes to your home, you may want to first take a look at our collection for inspiration

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Consider glass when you plan your next renovation

Renovating a home is always an exciting prospect, not to mention one that's more than a little daunting. Alongside the planning necessary to secure the best architect and get permits signed off, you'll need to consider what you actually want out of the renovation.We think that you may want to have good think about glass. Specifically, whether you're actually using enough of it.By choosing to put in glass doors, floor to ceiling windows and a skylight or two, you could do wonders for the liveability of your home – not to mention your health. Take a look at our collection of glass homes below.Feeling like you want to move in yet?1. The round houseA continuous window shaped in a circle around this house provides a 360 degree connection between the inside and outside. In addition to flooding the interior with light, it allows the owners to say in contact with their gorgeous Alaskan Malamute dogs. See more pictures2. Glass farmhouseLocated in Northeast Oregon, this small house was conceived as a contemporary glass box that floats atop the surrounding wheat fields. The ample glass is important, especially when winter rolls around. See more pictures3. Glass extensionThis spectacular extension is set among terraced gardens and includes a dazzling façade. Glass reveals the surrounding landscape, ensuring the small space always feels open. There's also a buffer to prevent the cold getting in during winter. See more pictures4. Countryside retreatThis house layout was designed as a freely flowing living space inserted between two horizontal slabs. Skylights help by lighting the interior of the home. See more pictures

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20 Jun, 2017

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