The urban haven home

Located in a busy metropolis, this home is a breath of fresh air. In the living room, you'd never know you were in a city

The glass sliding doors are a welcome sight estate, house, interior design, living room, property, real estate, window, gray
The glass sliding doors are a welcome sight when the warmer months roll around

Architect: Anonym StudioPhotographer: W workspaceAbout the project: This home features four bedrooms, two sitting rooms and one studio – all on a small y-shaped lot. The architects, Phongphat Ueasangkhomset and Panduangjai Roojnawate, used the land to their advantage, creating a space which feels much larger than it actually is. You can see this in the plentiful use of windows and wide, connecting passages between the various rooms.What's more, it also feels quite secluded, with the living room an inner-city retreat.

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06 Oct, 2017

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