The Terraced Home in Brussels

The Terraced Home in Brussels

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To make the flats independent, a new suspended staircase was drawn and designed alongside the craftsperson who manufactured it.

How are you able to improve on an already impressive terraced family home? You could convert it into two.That’s what two Belgian architects have done to this home in Brussels, adding a glass box extension to the newly renovated kitchen.Francois Martens and Edouard Brunet took on this project after the previous owners felt it was too large for them since their children had moved out of home. The architects were asked to separate the five-storey home into two flats so that the owners could sell the lower section to friends. The main living area of the bottom flat extends onto the garden area, while the upper apartment is at the top of the building utilising as much light as possible.This  project is the first  collaboration  between the  two  architects. It is the  best  example of their great  attention to details as well as their  constant  search for clever solutions, regardless of any preconception yet within limited budgets.Their aim is to create spaces that offer light, views and noble material.

Story by: Keelan McCafferty

30 Nov, 2015

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