The individual appeal of handmade bathroomware

Available in a variety of appealing shapes and colours, there's a smooth-to-touch Ceramica Cielo basin to suit every high-end bathroom

Easy on the eye and smooth to the bathroom sink, ceramic, plumbing fixture, product design, sink, tap, toilet seat, black, brown
Easy on the eye and smooth to the touch, Le Giare by Ceramica Cielo seen here in white was created by Italian ceramics designer Paolo DArrigo. All basins in the versatile Ceramica Cielo ranges are made using hand-crafted, non-automated techniques ensuring each piece is fundamentally unique.

There can be few things more appealing than an elegant vanity basin made in Italy unless there's the option to have it handmade as well.

When you buy a Ceramica Cielo basin hand-made by a ceramic master, you're effectively buying a piece of art, says Maurizio Pesciatini lead designer for Casa Italiana, the company that imports the basins into New Zealand.

"All Ceramica Cielo basins are handmade nothing is created by machines or processed using traditional mass production methods," Pesciatini says. "This means each and every basin has its individual quirks and that there are few other pieces like yours in the world.

This basin forms part of the Fluid collection bathroom sink, ceramic, cookware and bakeware, plumbing fixture, product design, sink, tableware, black
This basin forms part of the Fluid collection of ceramics created by designer Marco Piva for Ceramica Cielo.

"In addition, Ceramica Cielo works with some of the most talented ceramic designers. So, as well as having a unique basin, its refined design means you won't feel the need to update it a few years down the track."

And in terms of aesthetic choice, Ceramica Cielo basins are equally appealing. There is a new marble-look option and Ceramica Cielo now offers its products in 15 different colours.

Winner of many awards over the past 10 years, Ceramica Cielo shows new ways to work with ceramics, reflected in the variety of colours on offer and sculptural shapes achieved. Casa Italiana is the sole distributor in New Zealand.

The Catini collection by Ceramica Cielo includes the bathroom, bathroom accessory, bathroom cabinet, floor, interior design, plumbing fixture, product design, sink, tap, white
The Catini collection by Ceramica Cielo includes the Round, the Oval and the Double three interpretations of same product theme. The basins, part of the Terre di Cielo range, come in 16 hues.

For further details on Cielo basins, visit a Casa Italiana showroom Greenlane: 136 Greenlane East, phone: (09) 520 0060, email: info@casaitaliana.co.nz; or Albany: 42D Tawa Drive, Albany, Auckland 0632, phone: (09) 451 9800. Alternatively email: albany@casaitaliana.co.nz or go to the website: www.casaitaliana.co.nz

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26 Oct, 2017

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