The future of cooking

This innovative new cooking system almost seems to work like magic

This new porcelain bench top solution incorporates an energy efficient induction hob cooking system. This provides a unified, seamless and almost invisible cooking surface that gives a totally new meaning to luxury designer kitchens.

Key features include: 

  • The world’s first benchtop with an almost invisible integrated cooking element. 
  • The most efficient cooking solution on the market, less energy, more cooking efficiency. 
  • The world’s first seamless cooking and benchtop solution suiting residential and commercial kitchens. 
  • A cooking, food preparation and multipurpose hard surface that can be used for any number of uses including games, work and general table activities. 
  • A safe and hygienic easy clean, easy care surface, you can even cut food directly on the surface. 
  • A patented raised cooking surface that reduces surface heat and less likely to burn users. 
  • The most flexible ceramic porcelain composite composition 

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04 May, 2017

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