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Photo realism is a feature of this new project by two leading international designers the Fusion laminates are from Laminex

view of the fusion laminate wall surface art, design, facial hair, snapshot, wall, yellow, brown, orange
view of the fusion laminate wall surface

In recent years, most city dwellers have witnessed the metamorphosis of historical sites the hip loft conversions of former warehouses for example.

In Sydney, one project that has created plenty of interest is the result of a collaboration between world-renowned designer Philippe Starck and celebrated Australian architect Richard Francis-Jones.

Developed by Carrington, the meta project is a mix of old and new part warehouse conversion and part new building. The designer apartments, in Surry Hills, offer a mix of two-storey and mezzanine units with double-height living areas. And not surpisingly, they feature Philippe Starck fittings.

The lobby of meta is also a talking point it features Fusion® Customart¢ laminates with giant images of the historical building and Starck's own portrait.

view of the fusion laminate on the wall alley, apartment, architecture, balcony, building, daylighting, facade, glass, home, house, property, real estate, stairs, wall, window, gray, black
view of the fusion laminate on the wall surface

Laminex marketing communications manager Amanda Saunders says Fusion offers plenty of scope for designers.

"Fusion combines the latest advancements in graphic design, digital printing, and laminate technology, to offer any number of design possibilities," she says. "An existing design portfolio ranges from photo realistic images to graphic and abstract styling."

Saunders says Fusion was developed to meet the needs of professional designers who select and specify surfaces for commercial projects.

"The market requires design diversity and flexibility, but it also wants quality and reasonable lead times, which Laminex can provide," she says.

view of the fusion laminate surface showing historic architecture, building, facade, home, house, neighbourhood, real estate, town, window, white, black
view of the fusion laminate surface showing historic buildings on the wall surface

Fusion offers four design options. These include Customart®, which is relevant to designers who wish to create their own design. This may be part of a client's corporate identity, as in this case where imagery reflects the site's history. Fusion® Design Source, Fusion® Solids and Fusion® Wall Murals are other options.

The surfaces are available in four laminate grades, and all are resistant to graffiti and chemicals.

To contact Laminex, phone 1800 003 988. Website: www.fusionsurfaces.com

Story by: Trendsideas

01 Apr, 2005