St. Gerlach Pavilion and Manor Farm

This estate, situated in the Netherlands countryside, features a luxury hotel, restaurant and spa

Architect: Meccanoo beam, ceiling, interior design, wood, brown
Architect: Meccanoo

Architect: MeccanooChteau St. Gerlach is an estate near Maastricht, situated in the middle of the hilly Limburg countryside. It features a luxury hotel, restaurant and spa. Mecanoo architecten designed an elegant pavilion which balances the historic buildings on the site.

This pavilion completes the ensemble of the Chteau (1661), the St. Gerlachus Church (1727), the Farmstead (1759) and the Manor Farm (1668). The estate is now clearly visible from the public road, and has gained new significance for the village of Houthem.

Architect: Meccanoo brown
Architect: Meccanoo

The transparent, state of the art pavilion has a cantilevered roof with a beautiful curve. From the pavilion, guests have views over the chteau, the hills, the meadow and the manor farm. The materials used are inspired by the natural surrounding of Limburg: marlstone, bluestone and oak. The three large multifunctional meeting rooms can be used separately or combined, offering a unique location for a variety of meetings and events.

The manor farm, a national monument from 1668, has been renovated to house small meeting rooms as well as a café to have lunch or coffee. This new public function serves the local community. An intimate 'village square' between the pavilion and the manor farm can be used as an outdoor extension of the foyer.

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11 Jul, 2017

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