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Enjoy maximum relaxation and minimum running costs with a Hot Spring spa
View of a Jetsetter spa pool jacuzzi, swimming pool
View of a Jetsetter spa pool

The warming massage of a spa is a relaxing way to unwind at the end of the day. However, running costs put many of us off installing one in our home.

Fortunately, the range of pools from Hot Spring Spas has been designed with energy saving in mind. Haddon Kelly, director of sales at Hot Spring Spas, says independent tests show the Sovereign spa their most popular model costs less than 60 cents a day to run.

"There are a number of subtle differences that make our spas significantly more energy efficient than others," he says.

Each Hot Spring spa is fully insulated with high density, multiple layer, closed cell insulation foam, which keeps heat loss to a minimum.

View of Hot Spring's Grandee spa pool backyard, outdoor structure, roof, swimming pool, black
View of Hot Spring's Grandee spa pool

This high level insulation allows the company to use a more efficient heater that can be plugged into a standard household power outlet, thus cutting out electrical set-up fees.

"The heater transfers 98% of the heat it generates to the water. This means less electricity is required to maintain the temperature of the water," says Kelly.

"Even more energy is saved with our circulation pump. It works 24 hours a day, filtering the water, while only using the same energy required for a household lightbulb," he says. "In addition, the heat generated by this pump is transferred to the water, which means the heater doesn't have to come on as frequently."

Traditional spas commonly feature air blowers, but these have been eliminated by Hot Spring Spas.

View of Hot Spring's Grandee spa pool backyard, outdoor structure, roof, swimming pool, black
View of Hot Spring's Grandee spa pool

"Air bubbles look pretty, but they have limited therapeutic benefits, and merely cool the water," says Kelly. "By not having air jets you save twice on energy consumption. You don't have to pay for power to run the blower and you don't have to reheat the water as much."

Further energy savings are made through an efficient plumbing system that is designed to minimise restrictions in water flow. This means more horsepower is delivered to the jets, giving high pressure, without wasting energy on friction and back pressure.

All Hot Spring spas are internally lit with LED lights, which use less energy than a standardlightbulb and will last for up to 100,000 hours. Each spa has its own snug-fitting customised cover to diminish heat loss.

For further information , visit the Hot Spring Spas website,, or call 0800 468 777.

May 14, 2004
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