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Leather sofas, designed and manufactured to high standards, are the speciality of Arthur G Designs
view of the bobcat sofa in Mango leather chaise longue, couch, furniture, orange, product design, sofa bed, table, black
view of the bobcat sofa in Mango leather

A single, well-designed and well-made piece of furniture in a room can make the difference between creating a successful and eye-catching interior and one that can be found anywhere.

Arthur G Designs was established more than 27 years ago, specialising in the design and manufacture of up-market lounge furniture in both contemporary and classic styles.

Managing director for Arthur G Designs Leonard Georgopoulos says the company has always demanded the highest standards from its designers and craftsmen to ensure quality in all the furniture it produces.

view of leo Mk2 sofa in eclipse greey angle, black, black and white, couch, darkness, furniture, light, lighting, product, product design, still life photography, table, black
view of leo Mk2 sofa in eclipse greey leather

"Our products are completely Australian made and, over the years, the team at Arthur G Designs has worked together to develop designs that are distinctly different and innovative," he says.

The company specialises in leather, and in particular, working with full-grain leathers, carefully blending raw materials and styles to suit.

Sofas and chairs in a variety of different designs are manufactured by Arthur G Designs, with the emphasis on comfort, luxury and durability, says Georgopoulos.

view of the odessa mk2 in white leather angle, bed, bed frame, couch, floor, flooring, furniture, futon, interior design, loveseat, product design, sofa bed, studio couch, table, wall, wood, white
view of the odessa mk2 in white leather

The latest range updates some popular styles such as the Odessa and Leo, and includes a new sofa, the Bobcat.

For further information, contact Arthur G Designs, 1 Stafford Street, Huntingdale, Vic 3166, phone (03) 9543 4633, or 56 Euston Rd, Alexandria, NSW 2015, phone (02) 9516 0968. Website:

May 20, 2004
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